Increasing Operational Gains

Operational gains are only part of the story. J S & N Consulting can lead your team efforts to live out these your organizational both within the organization and more importantly in society, it is here where we create better citizens. Every organization has a role to play to overcome societal ills. Fifty percent of operating budgets are personnel costs, and you can begin to see just how expensive employees have become. As your Servant Leadership Partner, I will ensure this money is well invested—through a productive and trustworthy team. It’s expensive to the business when your workforce is engaged in activities that are not supporting the daily strategic operational goals.

Michelle Obama Wears Milly On Final Stroll Through White House — Black America Web

First Lady Michelle Obama is making a statement with her black slacks and shoes and a Milly striped top with statement sleeves. She took one last stroll in the White House with our First Dogs, Bo and Sunny, who are Portuguese Water Dogs. She looks absolutely fabulous! Milly is a contemporary brand with a graceful…

via Michelle Obama Wears Milly On Final Stroll Through White House — Black America Web

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Senior Consultant, Jennifer S. Nicks, MTM, MAOL

I have diverse industry experience in telecommunications, restaurant operations, hospitality, and medical devices. I look forward to bringing this wealth of knowledge to Anthem to ensure your role as predator instead of prey in your respective industry.

My recent second Masters Degree was obtained from Regent University, biblical education that equips Leaders to play a pivotal role in overcoming societal ills. We can empower your employees to become better citizens. Let’s change the world together – one organization at a time.

My Organizational Leadership Degree with a Servant Leadership concentration empowers me to offer effective, theoretical and practical organizational contributions that establish lessons across national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries that equips employees to change the world. Today’s constantly changing business landscape of varying strategic initiatives demand the need for trust to facilitate employee engagement, risk-taking, creativity, and innovation with shrinking resources. Trust, the foundation of effective relationships, is needed for both the organization and the followers. Trust inspires followers to adapt to change and increases their job performance, excitement about their jobs allowing them to collaborate freely and become more productive. Ultimately quality relationships between leaders and followers create an atmosphere of trust.

J S & N Consulting helps you extend your organizational staffing while increasing vitality.

Adapting to new ways of working isn’t always easy for leaders, but with a good engagement plan from JS&N Consulting, servant leadership will mitigate the anxiety and fear while increasing the vitality of the organization. When people are a part of the change it is more likely they will embrace the mission of the organization. I will help businesses and organizations realize their potential by adopting a stronger position of service. Servant leadership inspires and equips those with influence as we endeavor to look upstream, downstream and across functions to find a new world of countless opportunities to build a strong sense of trust in your organization. Servant leaders build connections resulting in a working environment where people care about one another and better work gets done! Find out how this balm can soothe the needs of your organization.